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Organic Color

Organic Color Systems by Connie

Women with organic colored hair for fragile hair from our Honolulu beauty salonWoman with Redken style color and cut from Hawaii Kai Salon & Day Spa

What is so great about organic color systems?

The original objective from the company that researched and developed Organic Color Systems was to come up with a hair color formula that was as natural as possible while still being effective. The goal was to produce professional results, while maintaining the integrity of the hair, the safety of the hairdresser and the client was paramount. Therefore, Ammonia Hydroxide had to be removed. More than five years and numerous dollars were invested to achieve that objective. Organic Color Systems has been used by European Hairdressers for over twelve years and is now used in over thirty countries around the world. Organic Color Systems were first used in the USA in 2003 by International Hair and Beauty Systems.

Why go through so much trouble to get an Ammonia Hydroxide Free formula?

Well Ammonia Hydroxide is corrosive to the hair and toxic to the environment. Ammonia Hydroxide has a negative effect on the bronchial system. Recent research has found that about 50% to 60% of clients suffer negative effects from ammonia based colors. Each complaint is individual and varies from slight to severe. Some of these include headaches, foggy feeling, nausea, etc.

Why should this matter to you?

You no longer have to suffer scalp stinging, itching, burning or staining. Your salon environment creates a much more pleasurable experience without these negative sensations. The hair looks and feels much more like natural hair. The colors have a greatly reduced fade factor. This means the client is able to enjoy the color tone for a greater length of time, which equates to much better value and enjoyment of their color. For the clients that enjoy changing their look more often, the opportunity to do this is increased. Since the cuticle is basically returned to its original position, the hair has better shine and looks more natural. The unpleasant chemical smell you experience while the service is being performed on you is GONE! Connie has perfected this technique and can apply an amonia free hair coloring in the Honolulu salon for you today.

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